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Nashua, NH


A proud member of the craft beer generation, I was thankfully spared having to grow up in a world without craft beer. Many of my early memories involve being dragged from brewery to brewpub as a kid (sampling chicken fingers only) by my Dad during the “microbrew” boom of the ‘90s. I started drinking hefs and wits as soon as I turned of age, but I really got into craft beer after taking a job at a liquor store in Boston after college. When I wasn’t pestering brewery reps and distributor salesmen for info about “the industry” (despite being only a cashier), I was researching the next beer to use my discount on or the newest special release soon to hit town. I started holding blind tastings for my friends for fun and worked my way up to store manager. I was ready for something new when my parents were introduced to CBC, and we decided to put my experience to good use and follow our passion by opening a store as a family.

- Brian Kervick, Hoperations Manager